Last week Ilford Imaging Switzerland shed all 130 staff at its plant in Marly and stopped production of Ilford Galerie inkjet paper.

However, it seems it may not be the end of the road for the cash-strapped firm which declared itself insolvent last month.

‘All scenarios are still open,’ a source close to the company told AP today.

‘It is still trading but not producing,’ added the source who was not authorised to speak publicly about the company’s affairs.

Options include sale of the company to avoid the threat of liquidation, he said.

Nothing has been excluded, but further official news is not expected until January, added the source.

Separately, AP has learnt that more than one party has expressed interest in the Ilford Imaging Switzerland paper brand, with an announcement on this expected within hours.

It is unclear whether Ilford Imaging Switzerland is in administration or receivership, as both terms have been used by insiders to describe the company’s current status.

A government official in Fribourg, where the factory is based, declined to comment when contacted by AP today.

Officials at Ilford Imaging Switzerland have yet to release a public statement.

Ilford Imaging Switzerland is separate from Ilford Photo which is based in the UK and is unaffected (Ilford Photo is the trading name of Cheshire-based Harman Technology which makes traditional b&w photographic papers and film).