© Hilary O’Leary/Remembering Rhinos

After the success of their ‘Remembering Elephants’ project, founders Margot Ragget and Will Travers are turning their attention to another mammal in constant danger of poaching – the rhinoceros – again using crowd-funding platform Kickstarter.

Taking the form of a high-quality photobook, ‘Remembering Elephants’ saw 65 high-profile wildlife photographers contribute their best shots of endangered elephants, selling over 2,500 copies and raising well over £135,000 for conservation and anti-poaching projects currently taking place in Kenya, Ethiopia, Mali, Malawi and Zimbabwe. The ‘Remembering Rhinos‘ project again sees wildlife photographers coming together to raise awareness with their shots – including household names like Art Wolfe, Marsel von Oosten and Steve Winter – under the collective moniker of ‘Wildlife Photographers United’.

Now, as the project approaches £100,000 in pledges (the original aim was for £20,000) and is coming to an end of its promotion, Ragget and Travers have announced a public broadcast to be hosted by Dan Richardson as the final minutes take place, to be carried out on both their Kickstarter and Facebook pages. Apart from marking the end of the funding drive, they will be answering questions about the creation of the project, the photobook itself, and some of the initiatives across Africa and Asia the proceeds will be going to.

The livestream will take place Thursday, March 9th at 20:00 GMT.

© Margot Ragget/Remembering Rhinos

© Hendri Venter/Remembering Rhinos