Fujifilm UK has announced a consolidation of its Photo Imaging, Electronic Imaging and Optical Devices business divisions into a new Imaging Solutions business unit, called Fujifilm Imaging Solutions – UK.

“This strategic change and new future direction for Fujifilm UK’s photography business will combine the teams behind instax, X Series, GFX, Fujinon and other photo operations – and has been as a result of significant change and consolidation in recent years in the UK and global photo market, accelerated by COVID-19,” said the company.

The X-T4 has been one of Fujifilm’s most successful recent cameras, despite the very challenging market conditions over the last year

“Over the last year, the UK market for mirrorless cameras declined for the first time after recent years of growth, and according to CIPA, in general, the global demand for digital cameras has dropped by 40% since the start of April 2020. In the optical market, with many shows, events and films being postponed or cancelled due to the pandemic, pressure has been put on the sales of cinema and broadcast lenses.

At the same time, lockdown restrictions and the unprecedented shift to online across the consumer photography business has also created a greater opportunity to directly engage customers with a joined-up approach to sales and marketing.”

Theo Georghiades (left) with AP’s editor, Nigel Atherton

The new General Manager of the Fujifilm Imaging Solutions – UK business division will be Theo Georghiades, who has been with Fujifilm since September 1999. The new Fujifilm Imaging Solutions – UK business division will be in place as of 1 April 2021.

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