Uniport Solutions has launched an online fundraising campaign in a bid to bring its innovative X-Driver CFexpress and USB-C memory card – the world’s first ever memory card to include a built-in USB port connector – to market.

The new-style card effectively negates the need to use an additional memory card reader as it cuts out that step of the process of transferring your image or video files, from your camera to a computer for editing.

The X-Driver (Type B) has the same physical dimensions (38.5×29.8mm) – albeit with ‘space’ to accommodate the USB-C connector within that overall dimension – as all the other CFexpress cards on the market.

This allows the X-Driver to fit into any camera slot same sized memory card slots on cameras and video cameras as a conventional CFexpress Type B memory card would.

The read and write speeds of the X-Driver card are both said to be 1700Mb/s and the cards are set to come in 128GB, 256GB and 512GB capacities.

A side-by-side comparison of a conventional Type B CFexpress card, left, with the X-Driver card/connector, right

A side-by-side comparison of a conventional Type B CFexpress card, left, with the X-Driver card/connector, right

Three-year project

Uniport Solutions, which is based in the USA, explained, ‘We have spent three years redesigning the memory card from scratch to minimise the size of the card and make it more versatile. We have created a tool that transfers your photos almost twice as fast as a traditional memory card.’

The company added, ‘We’ve made it capable and easy to use. X-Driver is a memory card that has both USB-C and CFexpress type B standards. It’s an all new category in memory cards that offers seamless integration between USB-CFexpress. The X-Driver is designed to smoothly integrate into your existing arsenal of camera gear by replacing your current CFexpress and getting rid of your CFexpress to USB-C converter.’ 

The co-founder of Uniport Solutions, Thuan Nguyen, revealed, ‘My goal for the X-Driver is to keep it as simplistic and convenient as possible so it seamlessly integrates into your workflow.’ 

The 512GB version of the X-Driver memory card/USB-C connector from Uniport Solutions

The 512GB version of the X-Driver CFexpress memory card/USB-C connector from Uniport Solutions

Construction & compatibility

The X-Driver card/USB connector combo is said to be constructed from high-grade poly-carbonate and SUS304 stainless steel to help it to ‘withstand repetitive use and high temperature operating conditions.’  

Uniport Solutions says it has tested the new memory card on ‘a wide range of products to ensure maximum compatibility.’

According to its IndieGoGo funding page, Uniport Solutions has already tested the compatibility of the X-Driver card with the likes of a Canon R5 mirrorless camera, a Samsung S21 smartphone, an iPad Pro 11 tablet and a Mac Book Pro laptop (for image transfer purposes).

You can watch a video explaining more about the X-Driver below…

Find out more…

The 128GB version will retail for $180 but is available for $162. The 256GB card is discounted at $250 (planned price is $300) and the 512GB card is available for $384, compared to the planned $480 price.

If the fundraising campaign reaches its target Uniport Solutions plans to be shipping the X-Driver card products by November 2022.

If you want to find out more about Uniport Solutions’ X-Driver memory card/USB-C connector just visit the IndieGoGo page for the first ever CFexpress and USB memory card.

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