Ricoh has launched a new ?water and dust resistant? digital compact camera called the G600.

Hailed as ?smaller and lighter? than the firm?s current 500G Wide model, the 10MP camera is designed to be shock resistant down to 1.5m and water resistant to a depth of around 1m.

The G600 sports a lens delivering the 35mm viewing angle equivalent of a 28-140mm zoom. An optional wide conversion lens will allow wideangle shots of 22mm, in 35mm terms.

?It is perfect for customers who want to take pictures during a variety of outdoor activities such as marine sports, mountain climbing and fishing,? said a Ricoh spokeswoman.

The 260g newcomer also features manual focusing, a 2.7in screen and a top equivalent ISO of 3200.

It also boasts an accessory shoe for attaching external flash and can be powered by AAA batteries.

The G600 will accept 37mm-size filters, according to Ricoh.

Also on board are autobracketing and spot metering options.

Meanwhile, macro focusing is possible down to 1cm, claims the company.

The G600 will arrive in UK stores in May priced £349.99, in a kit that includes a DB-60 rechargeable battery.

The debutante measures 116.5x68x32mm.

Ricoh G600