Postmen and women across the UK have been given cameras to record life while on their rounds, in a project to raise money for charity. However, the Royal Mail insists that their first priority is to ensure that mail was ?delivered on time?.

Armed with their own cameras – or one of 1,100 single-use models provided by organisers – the project, called Unseen UK, attracted around 20,000 images, according to the Royal Mail.

The plan is for the best 300-400 pictures to be published early next year in a book called Unseen UK, with sale proceeds going to the charity Help the Hospices.

?Obviously the first priority for postmen and women is to ensure that the mail is delivered on time,? said a spokesman, adding: ?However, the purpose of giving them a disposable camera was so they could keep it in their pocket ready to go, so if they saw an interesting picture they could snap it and carry on with their round without any disruption to the service of mail delivery.?

Some post workers took pictures while they were out and about during their spare time or on holiday.

?Royal Mail has a nationwide reach and because our people have unique access to every nook and cranny of the country 24 hours a day, we are probably more familiar with the geography, streets, architecture, countryside and people in the UK than anyone else,? said Royal Mail social Policy manager Carrie Holder. ?They can focus on life that the rest of the community often doesn?t see.?

Picture credit: Andrew Redley