The Royal Photographic Society must curb expenses or boost its income in the face of a ?formidable? financial challenge, the organisation?s treasurer Walter Benzie has said.

Benzie was outlining his plans for the society for the next two years if he is re-elected as treasurer.

While he said the RPS?s current finances are in ?sound condition?, he explained that the challenge for the future is ?how to maintain and increase the services provided to members whilst at the same time growing our income in line with ever increasing demands?.

Benzie, who puts forward his case to members in the RPS?s 2011-2013 ballot papers, said that although the RPS is run with the help of many volunteers, their ?reimbursed expenses are on the increase?.

He added: ?The solution appears to be straightforward: either contain expenses or increase income.?

Benzie revealed that rather than significantly reducing costs ? which would lead to a ?reduction in membership services? in the longer term ? the RPS aims to boost membership income by raising its profile, thereby averting a rise in subscription fees.

Benzie, who has been RPS treasurer for the past two years, continued: ?I believe there is scope for increasing the income from our sponsors, our highly acclaimed courses and through additional sales of merchandise and publications.?