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The sessions cost £165 for non-RPS members (£140 for members).

Subjects covered include lighting pitfalls and how to plan a wedding shoot.

For details visit www.rps.org/events/2016/september/17/two-day-wedding-workshop

Details of the workshop, as per the RPS website:

17 September 2016 – 18 September 2016

10:00 – 17:00

Lacock, Wiltshire
The Manger Barn
1 High Street
United Kingdom
SN15 2LG

Tel: 01225 325 733

This workshop will:
Start with a short introduction to marketing for success, getting bookings and developing a viable business strategy for wedding photography. It will then take you on a journey through the planning and execution of a successful wedding shoot.

What’s in the bag talks about the minimum equipment you will need to take with you to a wedding event. The equipment on show will range from basic speedlight to professional battery powered flash units that are ideal [for] those situations where speedlights are not suitable.

Show how lighting works on the day and demonstrate the pitfalls and problems encountered, and show how to overcome them.

Teach control of lighting, including subtractive and additive techniques, using light modifiers as well as the use and control of flash and fill lighting.

Show how to deal with poor and artificial lighting on the day. Conduct a shoot with a bride/groom showing some set poses for the day.

Take you through the planning required to ensure the wedding day runs as smoothly as possible, helping to reduce the stress on the day.

Run through the wedding day shoot (slideshow presentation) talking about the choice of lens and camera settings.