Samsung has shown the adapter it will use to allow its GX series of lenses, and others that use the Pentax K mount,to be fitted on to the new NX system cameras. The adapter, that will cost approximately £99, has no electrical connections and thus will not transfer aperture or focusing information between lens and body. There will be no in-body aperture control, but a mechanical iris lever in the adapter will provide the means to manually close apertures down by eight steps from the widest setting. Initially Samsung had told us that the aperture would have its own iris, but it seems this information came about through a mistake in translation from the Korean engineer.

The adapter will increase the distance between the sensor and the mounted lens to make up for the shorter back focus of the NX system when 35mm style optics are in use. We have now had it confirmed too that there will be no optical elements in this adapter, so relative focal lengths and focus distances should remain unchanged.

The new Samsung GX to NX lens adapter, from the top