I’m out this morning with the Samsung NX10 to get some first impressions of this new micro system camera. Here’s a picture to keep you going, but I’ll be posting more a little later.

Please do not look too closely at these images as the camera I was using was very pre-production.

As you can see here the Samsung NX10 represents quite a space saving over the Samsung GX20 DSLR. The new camera is considerably smaller and lighter. With the standard zoom fitted, as shown here, the kit fits in a decent sized overcoat pcoket.


The sensor used in the NX10 is the same as that used in the GX20. Samsung says there have been some improvements, but they won’t say quite what has been improved. These two images show a cropped area from the centre of the scene. You can see there is plenty of detail.

Standard zoom

Being kind I shot these straight lines using the central portion of the standard 18-55mm zoom lens. There is very little curvalinear distortion. The darkening at the top of the frame is due to a canopy, not to vignetting.

Great clarity and well controlled contrast

Again, good moderate contrast and a good exposure

A difficult scene to expose for, but the multi-segment system handled it well.

Post capture in-camera manipulation is available as it was in the GX series.

In common with the company’s compact cameras though, you can now shoot with colour effects too.

High ISO settings show noise control is much improved over the GX series. This ws shot at ISO 3200. Colour images at the same setting display very little colour noise.

Auto white balance and the standard colour setting produce very natural colours will controlled saturation. There is loads of detail in this shot too.

I’ll be adding more images and more indepth text later.