The first ‘hybrid’ digital camera from Samsung, the ‘NX10’, will not be ready to launch until ‘late 2009’ or ‘early 2010,’ Amateur Photographer can reveal

Speaking at a Samsung conference in Berlin, Germany, European marketing director Michael Zoller revealed that the camera is at the ‘field test stage’.

First showcased as a mock-up earlier this year, the first in Samsung’s ‘NX’ series digital camera system is expected to be accompanied by a range of compatible lenses.

The camera is designed to appeal to photographers who want the flexibility of an interchangeable lens camera in a body that is less bulky than a traditional SLR.

It is expected to house an APS-C size imaging sensor, larger than the sensor inside a Micro Four Thirds camera such as the Panasonic G1.

The firm predicts that this segment of the market will account for more than 20% of all digital cameras sold by 2012.

The lack of a mirror box will help keep down the size and weight of the camera body.

Last year, the firm told AP that the new camera will carry the company’s own 14 million-pixel APS-C sized CMOS sensor and a new lens mount.


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