SanDisk have introduced two new storage options to its current line-up of flash drives for iOS devices. The iXpand Flash Drive and Connect Wireless Stick are now available with 256GB of space to significantly increase the storage of your iPhone or iPad.

256GB SanDisk iXpand and Connect Wireless Stick           

The new SanDisk 256GB iXpand Flash Drive and 256GB SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick will allow users to store, share and back up more than 14,000 photos and 10 hours of video on their iPhones and iPads.

Dinesh Bahal, Vice President of Product Development, Client Solutions, Western Digital said: “As people continue to capture more photos and videos on their iPhones, some eventually want to move them to another storage device or back up their valuable digital content. Our goal is to keep up with these evolving technologies by offering mobile storage solutions that help ensure consumers can capture those perfect moments without having to worry.”

The SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive features the iXpand Drive app for iPhone and iPad, which includes new and improved features. Users can back up their camera roll and content from social networking sites. The drive also includes encryption software that password-protects files for extra security.

The SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick allows iPhone and iPad users to store and stream content. It features the SanDisk Connect app, which enables users to manage content between a range of devices via password-protected Wi-Fi connectivity. It is capable of streaming music, videos or HD movies to three devices at a time via the SanDisk Connect app. The app also supports streaming on large displays via AirPlay with Apple TV.

The 256GB SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive and SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick are available now with an MSRP of $279.99 (approximately £225)

SanDisk A1 microSD cards

By working with industry-leading smartphone technology manufacturers, SanDisk can ensure consumers can make the most of their new A1 specification with a range of smartphone products. Used in conjunction with A1-enabled smartphones, the SanDisk A1 performance class microSDTM cards will offer users improved performance when loading and launching apps.

In a recent survey, the company discovered that many consumers want improved app launch experience. In the survey they uncovered that more than 50% found slow app loading and launching to be a problem. SanDisk hope to solve this problem with its new high-performance 256GB2 SanDisk Extreme microSDXCTM memory card in its current A1 compatible microSD card line-up.

The A1 spec allows the SanDisk microSD cards to manage random read input-output access per second of 1,500 and write IOPS of 500, so it can quickly open apps and process accompanying tasks, such as audio, graphics, saved profiles and in-app permissions. The A1 standard is also supported by top ecosystem players including HTC, Huawei, Lava, Lenovo, MediaTek, Meizu, Micromax, Oppo, Vivo and ZTE.

The new 256GB SanDisk Extreme microSD card with A1 delivers fast transfer and improved app performance for Android™ based smartphones. Ideal for 4K UHD and Full HD video3, the SanDisk Extreme microSD card allows users to capture videos, without having to worry about what to delete and with the ability to transfer big files at speeds of up to 100 MB/s.

The 256GB SanDisk Extreme microSD card with A1 will be available in late March 2017 with a U.S. MSRP of $199.99 (approximately £160)