It seems all but official that the Science Museum will serve as the venue for the National Media Museum (NMM)?s London outpost.

This follows news that the Science Museum recently hosted a fundraising event introduced by Charlotte Cotton who was appointed creative director for the NMM?s ?London Galleries’ last year.

In a blog dated 25 May, Mark Haworth-Booth – who is visiting Professor of Photography at the University of the Arts London – wrote: ?Attended a reception at the Science Museum to introduce a new exhibition space for photography planned there.?

Amateur Photographer understands that the Science Museum event was designed to help raise cash for the project which was recently given the Government green light.

In his blog Haworth-Booth added that Cotton – a former curator of Photography at the V&A – told guests that organisers just want to get on with the project.

The West Yorkshire-based museum (pictured) is Britain’s flagship photography institution.

It houses the historic collection of the Royal Photographic Society which includes the earliest surviving negative created by British photography inventor William Henry Fox Talbot.

Three years ago an AP source revealed that the Science Museum gallery will have its own separate entrance, enabling it to operate outside of the museum?s usual opening hours, if needed.

NMM spokesman told us today: ?It has been widely publicised that the National Media Museum and the Science Museum are committed to developing a gallery space in London.

?We are continuing to work very hard on this project. However, it?s too early to be specific about details??

Trustees of the Bradford-based museum include Bond film producer Michael G Wilson.