Photographers can expect more Sigma cameras to incorporate Foveon X3 imaging sensor technology with news that Sigma has snapped up the United States-based sensor developer.

Sigma Corporation has today announced that it plans to ?evolve and improve? the X3 sensor technology, having acquired 100% of Foveon stock.

Foveon will continue its sensor development operations in San Jose, California.

The sensor technology was first used in Sigma’s 10.2-million-pixel SD9 digital SLR camera, launched in 2002.

The news comes just weeks after the death of Foveon X3 co-inventor Dick Merrill.

Sigma, which is based in Japan, said in a statement: ?The acquisition will not only enhance the development of new types of image sensors for high quality digital cameras but will also create a synergistic effect with Sigma?s camera and lens business by improving the integration between the camera and sensor.?

?This will result in camera products which uniquely meet the widely ranging functional and image quality needs of demanding photographers.?

The silicon in the X3 sensor filters different light wavelengths using a three-layer system similar to that used in colour film.

A 14.1MP-version of the sensor is used in Sigma’s current SD14 DSLR and DP1 high-end compact camera.

The technology will also be incorporated into the SD15 and DP2 cameras, which are due out next year.

We are also expecting a ‘DP3’ camera to include a Foveon sensor at a date yet to be announced.

Polaroid’s 4.5MP X530 compact camera also featured a Foveon X3 sensor.


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