Speaking about future launches, Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki said: ‘We will support both the DSLR and CSC systems.’

But he added: ‘The only condition is we will focus on photo enthusiasts – people who love photography and who take pictures seriously.’

He explained that Sigma may increasingly focus away from CSCs such as the ‘Pentax Q’, and more towards cameras from the likes of Sony, and micro-four-thirds models.

In response, a Pentax spokesperson told Amateur Photographer (AP): ‘Pentax Ricoh Imaging UK Ltd does not wish to comment on another manufacturer’s strategy.’

Meanwhile, Yamaki said Sigma plans to launch further DSLRs to keep its ‘loyal customers’ happy.

Yamaki confirmed that the company is still producing DSLRs and plans future models.

‘We have loyal customers we have to take care of and we will continually develop cameras,’ he told AP in a recent interview.