Skylum has revealed its Luminar Neo AI-driven photo editing app, which offers features such as Relight AI, Powerline Removal, Dust Spot Removal and faster image editing workflows.

Luminar Neo succeeds the Luminar AI software and is available immediately via the App Store for macOs and the Microsoft Store for Windows versions. It’s also available as a plug-in for Lightroom Classic and Photoshop and as an extension for Apple Photos.

The Relight AI aspect of Luminar Neo is said to build a ‘precise 3D Depth Map of a 2D image’ to help photographers to target isolated edits of lighting and/or colour warmth for specific areas of an image.

The Neo iteration of the Luminar software is said to be significantly faster than Luminar AI in terms of image export times, the switching time between effects, RAW image opening process times and the switching time from Catalog mode to Edit mode.

Luminar Neo - before Dust Spot Removal

Luminar Neo – before using Dust Spot Removal

Luminar Neo - after Dust Spot Removal

Luminar Neo – after using Dust Spot Removal

The Powerline Removal and Dust Spot Removal tools use AI to identify and remove powerlines from landscapes/cityscapes and small artifacts, like dust spots, respectively.

Other aspects of Luminar Neo include a Layers tool to help you to creatively combine different images and elements, plus a Presets tool so you can build and save your preferred edit settings for future work.

The Skylum press release of 17 February 2022 (in US English):

Luminar Neo – Create the photos you imagined. 

Your photos are precious. That’s why Luminar Neo puts them in the spotlight.


NEW YORK, NY – February 17, 2022 – Skylum announces Luminar Neo, our newest AI-driven photo editor, is now shipping. Luminar Neo introduces several unique AI technologies to the market: RelightAI, Powerline Removal and Dust Spot Removal. These technologies significantly change the way photos are edited, allowing creative professionals to tell visual stories in new ways while making it easier to bring their unique ideas to life.

“There is a fine line between the photo you took and the photo you imagined. Often, small details make the difference. In Luminar Neo, we’ve built an editor to help you create the photo you imagined.” — Ivan Kutanin, Skylum CEO

Experience the power of the Luminar Engine

The Luminar Engine was built from the ground up to help creatives do more. Using artificial intelligence it analyzes your photos to unlock new, AI-driven editing possibilities:

Luminar Neo - before using Relight AI

Luminar Neo – before using Relight AI


Luminar Neo – after using Relight AI

RelightAI builds a precise 3D Depth Map of the 2D image to provide quick, targeted control of scene lighting, allowing artists to:

  • Independently adjusting lighting and color warmth for far and near objects across the scene.
  • Help easily fix portraits where the foreground subject is underexposed.

RelightAI isolates problem areas for correction, leaving the rest of the image untouched. Combine RelightAI with other scene aware tools and photographers can precisely adjust the lighting of any photo.


Remove Dust Spots — Automatically identify and seamlessly remove small artifacts, like dust spots, from every photo with the help of AI.

Remove Power Lines — Uses AI to automatically identify and effortlessly remove power lines from landscape photographs to create a pristine image free from clutter.

Layers — Combine different images into unique compositions and include new elements from built-in overlays and object libraries.

Presets — Instant style changes designed by professional photographers of every stripe. Or, build and save your own unique looks for reuse on future shoots.


Luminar Neo - before using Powerline Removal

Luminar Neo – before using Powerline Removal

Luminar Neo - after using Powerline Removal

Luminar Neo – after using Powerline Removal

Performance Gains*

Luminar Neo is significantly faster than LuminarAI for complex photo editing tasks. Driven by the new Luminar engine, artists can now enjoy the following performance gains.


  • Image export time now 86% faster
  • Switching time between effects now 35% faster
  • Switching time from Catalog mode to Edit mode now 15% faster
  • RAW opening process time now, on average, 61% faster

RAF (Fuji) 75% faster

CR2 (Canon) 53% faster

NEF (Nikon) 58% faster

ARW (Sony) 51% faster

  • Peak memory consumption when exporting images now 18% less


  • Switching from Catalog mode to Edit mode now 17% faster
  • RAW opening process time now, on average, 20% faster

RAF (Fuji) 24% faster

CR2 (Canon) 31% faster

NEF (Nikon) 28% faster

ARW (Sony) 42% faster

  • Adding a new folder to the Catalog now 69% faster

*Tests were conducted by Skylum in February 2022 on such devices: MacBook Pro 2020, M1 CPU, 8Gb Ram, macOS 12.2 version and Dell Latitude 5500, Intel Core i7-8665U CPU, 16Gb RAM, Windows 11 Pro version. Each test series was repeated three times. The arithmetic mean of the results was obtained by comparing the same actions in Luminar AI(v1.5.0) and Luminar Neo(v1.0.0).

Seamlessly mirror photos between desktop and mobile

​​Luminar Share transfers photos between Luminar Neo and your mobile devices. Once connected, easily find and edit your mobile photos, directly in Luminar Neo. Our photo mirroring technology allows you to see your Luminar Neo edits on your mobile device in real-time, making it easy to share and optimize them for social media.

Preview: Effortlessly remove portrait backgrounds

Using human aware algorithms, Portrait Background RemovalAI cleanly isolates subjects and removes backgrounds with just one click. When needed, edges can be refined quickly. Coupled with layers, this tool enables creators to build unique compositions using multiple photos without the tiresome manual process of masking.

Preview: Context aware, AI driven masking

When opening an image, Luminar Neo identifies many items, like the skies, bridges and flowers. Artists can select and use several of these elements to generate precise AI-powered masks using MaskAI.

MaskAI is truly useful for advanced editing:

  • Accurately control the transparency of a layer for composited imagery.
  • Use a mask to target how a tool is applied, limiting its effect for precise results.
  • Combine multiple AI-powered masks together for complex editing.


Luminar Neo ships on February 17th, 2022 with RelightAI, Presets, Layers and other powerful new tools. Portrait Background RemovalAI and MaskAI are planned for the first free update to Luminar Neo, scheduled for release in the spring of 2022.

Luminar Neo will be available as a stand-alone application in the App Store for macOS and the Microsoft Store for Windows as well as a plugin for Lightroom Classic and Photoshop and as an extension for Apple Photos.

To learn more about Luminar Neo and sign up for updates, visit Skylum Luminar Neo.

About Skylum Software
Skylum is a global imaging technology company focused on creating tools that make it easier for creatives to get things done. Skylum’s Luminar platform unleashes creativity through the innovative use of automated and intelligent image processing, which still allows the artist complete control over the final product. Skylum has won the Red Dot Award, Apple’s Best of Year, “Best Imaging Software” by TIPA and EISA, as well as s several other top industry awards

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