High Street photographic chain Snappy Snaps has said it would welcome singer George Michael back to its Hampstead store – but preferably when the shop is open for business.

Speaking as Snappy Snaps assesses damage to the shop front caused by George Michael’s early morning car crash, a spokeswoman told Amateur Photographer: ‘We would welcome him [George Michael]… preferably when the store is open.’

It is understood that George Michael’s Range Rover caused damage to the shop window and door at around 3.35am on Sunday.

‘We are working to get it repaired,’ the Snappy Snaps spokeswoman added.

She revealed that the shop is visited by a number of celebrities in the area, who ask Snappy Snaps staff to keep their identities ‘confidential’.

Snappy Snaps after damage


George Michael crashes into Snappy Snaps