Snappy Snaps has reported a 550% increase in customer requests for ?airbrushing? in the past three months, fuelled by people wanting to improve their portrait on websites.

?The majority of requests relate to profile images for social networking or dating sites such as Facebook and My Space and My Single Friend? highlighting how influential they have become,? claimed a Snappy Snaps spokeswoman.

Customers seemingly want to ensure that the ?profile? images they use on such sites are as ?professional? as possible.

?Crooked teeth can be straightened, brightened and whitened ? to create a dazzling smile. Dark shadows can be removed, wrinkles and frown lines eased and bodies can be slimmed,? explained the high street chain, adding: ?The obsession with all things celebrity means society is more accepting of techniques that improve appearance.?

Prices start at £10.

?The fee depends on how much you want done and how long this takes to achieve.?

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Before airbrush


After airbrush