Monroe and JFK

Image courtesy, Bonhams

A photograph of Marilyn Monroe with JFK, which had escaped the eyes of the US Secret Service 48 years ago, has sold at an auction in New York.

The historic image of Monroe with President John F Kennedy and his brother Robert was taken at a Democratic party fundraiser on 19 May 1962.

The photo, which was accompanied by 22 other gelatin silver prints, raised over $9,000 at Bonhams.

Discovered in an envelope marked, ‘Sensitive Material’ it was captured shortly after Monroe had sung ‘Happy Birthday Mr President’ at Madison Square Gardens.

It was captured by Chief White House Photographer Cecil Stoughton but its existence stayed secret for decades.

The Secret Service had been instructed to ensure Monroe was not photographed with JFK.

There had been rumours the two had been having an affair and fears that publication of the photo would cause a national scandal.

US Secret Service agents were despatched to the photographer?s darkroom but had apparently overlooked the negative because it was still drying.

Meanwhile, a ‘tragic image’ of Vice President Lyndon B Johnson raising his hand to be sworn in as the 36th President of the USA after the assassination of JFK fetched $13,420.

Johnson is pictured alongside a grieving Jackie Kennedy.


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