As reported in Amateur Photographer last month, Canon warned photographers that a chemical used in the rubber grip on some Canon EOS 650D DSLRs may turn white and cause an allergic reaction to skin.

Canon UK advised affected users to consult a physician if medical symptoms develop.

The company is offering a free repair service after thousands of units were caught in the glitch worldwide.

However, Canon Europe has since been forced to revise its customer advice after its latest database revealed that ‘additional serial numbers’ have been hit.

‘Customers who previously checked the serial number of their camera on our website and received an “unaffected” message are asked to please recheck the serial number,’ states the Canon Europe website.

The units affected were produced between 31 May and 27 June 2012, according to Canon.

Customers are being asked to re-enter their 12-digit serial number to find out if theirs is among the affected units.

The news comes as a US consumer safety body reports that someone developed a ‘minor rash’ from simply touching a surface where the DSLR had been.

On Monday, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a statement, telling consumers to stop using affected units ‘immediately’.

The government agency says ‘68,200’ units have been hit.

But, it is not clear whether this figure includes models sold in Europe.

A spokesperson for Canon Europe had yet to respond to a request for comment at the time of writing.

It is unclear whether anyone in the UK has suffered an adverse reaction to the 650D’s rubber grip.