Sony has today announced the Cyber-shot TX1 and WX1 – digital compact cameras with a continuous shooting rate claimed to rival many professional DSLRs.

Both 10.2-million-pixel newcomers feature an Exmor R CMOS imaging sensor and a ‘mechanical shutter’ designed to capture images at up to ’10 frames per second’.

The TX1 and WX1 are the first cameras to use an Exmor R CMOS, an imaging sensor previously only used in Sony camcorders.

Sony claims that its new sensor is ‘back-illuminated’ and able to gather more light because it is designed so that the sensor’s ‘wiring’ is underneath the light-receiving surface.

‘Conventional image sensor architecture has required wires and other circuit elements to be positioned above the light sensitive photo-diodes, limiting the imager’s light-gathering capability,’ adds the firm.

The TX1 and WX1 also boast Sweep Panorama to deliver landscapes with a field of view of up to 256 degrees, according to Sony.

The WX1 houses a 5x Sony G lens that produces the 35mm viewing angle equivalent of a ’24mm’ lens at the wide end. The TX1 features a 4x Carl Zeiss Vario Tessar optic.

A 3in LCD screen is featured on the TX1, while the WX1 has a 2.7in monitor.

Both cameras will be compatible with Sony’s new ‘Party-shot’ (IPT-DS1) accessory, designed to ensure the photographer is not left out of group photos.

‘Just slip the Cyber-shot TX1 or WX1 into the docking base and everything else is automatic,’ states Sony. ‘The IPT-DS1 pans and tilts the camera while adjusting zoom settings and automatically composing images. Face Detection and Smile Shutter recognise and track faces for happy, naturally-composed pictures of everyone in the room.’

Both cameras feature ‘high definition’ movie recording and are due out in September.


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