Sony has confirmed that it is set to cut 8,000 jobs in its electronics division, blaming ‘sudden and rapid changes in the global economic environment’.

Jobs are being slashed in a bid to save more than Yen100 billion by 31 March 2010.

The global losses amount to 5% of the electronics division workforce.

It is not yet certain whether the firm’s camera division will be hit.

However, Sony has confirmed that it intends to ‘outsource a portion of its planned increase in manufacturing of CMOS image sensors for use in mobile phones to third parties’.

It also plans to ?reduce or postpone planned investment as appropriate?.

Overall investment in the electronics business will be chopped by 30%.

In a statement, the company said it plans to withdraw from ?unprofitable or non-core businesses?.

It added: ?Furthermore, Sony plans to realign domestic and overseas manufacturing sites, re-allocate its workforce and reduce headcount.?

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