Picture credit: Agnieszka Furtak

Agnieszka Furtak clinched first place in the contest, which was hosted by the Society of International Travel and Tourism Photographers (SITTP).

Furtak triumphed over more than 1100 entries, beating Alveraz Ricardez and Julie Wall into second and third places respectively.

Organisers said they found it difficult to choose the top three photos.

‘The hugely successful competition had entries from all corners of the globe – from India to Australia – highlighting some of the best street photographers’ work,’ added a spokesman.

The SITTP’s members include both professional and enthusiast photographers.

The Society runs a ‘Mentor Me’ programme which is designed to help those wanting to improve their photographic skills.

It also offers members the chance to gain distinctions and qualifications based on their work.

To view the competition entries click HERE