We showcase the top-rated images sent in by GuruShots members on the theme of ‘Street Photography.’ For more inspiring challenges to improve your skills and stay motivated, see here.

Top photographer

Ronald Bottlender, Germany

Top photo

Michal Vaněk, Czechia

Guru’s Top Pick

Prathap Gangireddy, India

Xavierjouve, France

Roberto Gomes, Portugal

Guy Wilson, Israel

Anmut, France

Victor Vascul, Germany

Isak Venter, South Africa

Colette van Eck, Netherlands

Geoff. Australia

Gabriele Pedrazzi, Italy

Leonard Yanovsky, United States

Canan Ağartan, Turkey

Pedro Garcia, United States

Bruno Couleau, France

Porrun Huh, Namibia

Ivan Heidrick, Mozambique

Kobus Lubbe, France

Horst Winkler, Austria

Amit Erez, Israel

Viveka Gustavson, Sweden

Roey Nitzani, Israel