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Top Photographer

Tiago Schön-Adão, United States

Top photo

Nerijus Riauka, Norway

Guru’s Top Pick

jimmykamballur, India

Julien Serarre, Mexico

Pär Greilert, Sweden

Kai T Stoeyva, Norway

Stanislav Khatsevich, Israel

Fernando Muller, Brazil

Liviu Ivanescu, Canada

Ilan Horn. Israel

Christina Trester, United States

Igor Vuckovic, Croatia

Nora Skerlecz-Antal, Hungary

Stephen Day, United States

Julio Vinković, Germany

Amit Erez, Israel

Bryony Herrod-Taylor, United Kingdom

Cath Milliken, Australia

General, United States

Graham Rippon, United Kingdom

Miguel, Germany

Lance Chennault, United States

Bart Buckalew, United States