The New Zealand-based timelapse and camera accessory company Syrp has announced it is restructuring and rebranding as Syrp Lab, with all of the existing Syrp products to be renamed and folded into Manfrotto’s Move system of accessories.

The founders of Syrp, Chris Thomson and Ben Ryan, made the following announcement online, ‘In 2022, we will become Syrp Lab. A centre for innovation and content creation, expanding our team and working closely together to create the next generation of tools for creators, plugging in our ideas and R&D expertise into the brands that make up Vitec Imaging Solutions. Our team will not only focus on product development but also educating creators about how to use tools to create the absolute best content in the form of a dedicated YouTube channel and accompanying education website.’

The statement continued, ‘With this new approach we will emerge with a greater focus and energy on creating new disruptive tools, hyper-focused on user-centred design and best-in-class products for the end user. As a result, over the coming months you will notice our logo changing to Syrp Lab with a refined brand, website and social channels coupled with an all-new education channel.’

The official rebranding image for the new Syrp Lab operation

The official rebranding image for the new Syrp Lab operation, which is based in Auckland, New Zealand

Rebranding & transition

As part of the restructuring and rebranding process the current Syrp products are transitioning under the Manfrotto umbrella from both branding and purchasing perspectives. Syrp’s founders explained, ‘Syrp products will become a part of the Manfrotto Move ecosystem, a series of supports, motion control, and stabilizers that seamlessly work together to enable you to create faster than ever before. The Syrp app will also transition to Manfrotto in order to create a unified end user experience across all products.’

Syrp’s founders say that its products will still be developed and supported by the same team, based in Auckland, New Zealand, and they will still be available through support and other channels. If you already own any Syrp equipment your warranties will automatically be transferred to Manfrotto, which has the benefit of being an expanded and localised global support team.

Syrp Super Dark Variable ND filter

Syrp’s Super Dark Variable ND filter, which was launched in 2016

Manfrotto collaboration explained

On its website Manfrotto has described the new relationship with Syrp as, ‘The beginning of something new… a collaboration between an industry leader and an innovator,’ and promises, ‘a future ecosystem that seamlessly enables photographers and filmmakers to transition between equipment. Giving you the freedom to move from supports to stabilisation to motion control with ease.’   

In essence, the changes at Syrp will leave the newly named Syrp Lab team free to focus more on product innovation and development, without the need to spend time on issues such as manufacturing, distribution, sales and customer support. The rebranding of the products into the Manfrotto Move system is not the first time such a move has been made as, in 2021, the Lastolite by Manfrotto product range (which included studio lighting systems, lighting control accessories, photo and video backgrounds and lighting support accessories) was rebranded as Manfrotto.

Syrp’s origins

Syrp first came to public prominence in 2012 thanks to a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, which generated $636,766 in crowdfunding for its Genie timelapse machine, that enabled the company to start up. The company then launched the Genie Mini in 2015 and in 2016 launched a long-distance zipline for the Syrp as well as entering the filter market. In 2019 Syrp was acquired by the Vitec Group which owns brands like Manfrotto, Lowepro, Joby and Gitzo. This latest development in the history of Syrp has further cemented that relationship with the Manfrotto brand.

To discover more about the newly-founded Syrp Lab just visit its website Syrp Lab – The Next Evolution of Syrp. You can also find out more on the Manfrotto aspect of the new deal Manfrotto Syrp collaboration: Introducing Syrp Lab.

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