Have you ever looked at a photograph you’ve had printed and felt a little bit of disappointment with what you saw? The way the colours weren’t as vibrant as you wanted or was there too much contrast? Or not enough? You’ve got a great camera, you’ve done your research, you’ve printed in high quality, the last piece of the puzzle is your monitor and yours could be letting you down.

You need a monitor that can represent all the beautiful tone and colour you captured in your camera. You need smooth gradients, not bands of colour, you need colour consistency that lasts for years, you need a monitor that correlates with your printer so you can be confident in your end product. Your monitor is your own personal desktop studio and you need it to perform. What you need is an EIZO ColorEdge.

Photography professionals have worked with EIZO ColorEdge monitors for years, it’s almost an industry secret. The reasons why they use them is to do with the accuracy and vibrancy the monitor gives you: That beautiful landscape, the close-up wildlife shot or the black and white portrait image displayed in all its glory. The complexity of how the monitor works is what gives you this accuracy. It’s what gives you all the things you may have been missing… until now:

Tim Flach: Golden snub-nosed monkey

You may be missing out on colour.

A colour gamut defines a more specific range of colours from the range of colours identifiable by the human eye (i.e., the visible spectrum). While regular monitors are limited to the sRGB colour gamut and around 16.7 million display colours, EIZO ColorEdge monitors cover 99% of the Adobe RGB colour space* supporting 30-bit colour and can extend the colour gamut into over 1 billion colours.

You could be missing out on true blacks and uniform tone

The tone of an image is what gives it depth and clarity. Without the ability to show tone, you aren’t able to accurately represent your image. Where most monitors set tone to the middle of the monitor, leaving dull areas or hot-spots elsewhere on the screen, EIZO ColorEdge monitors have a Digital Uniformity Equaliser (DUE) to combat this. The DUE measures brightness and chromaticity throughout the screen and makes corrections so that the entire screen is uniform.

Lasting colour with 5 years’ onsite warranty

All EIZO ColorEdge monitors bought in the UK are covered by EIZO’s industry leading 5 years’ onsite warranty. The warranty ensures no UK ColorEdge user is ever left without a monitor as a replacement can be provided while the faulty monitor is being fixed. All repairs are carried out at EIZO’s UK based repair centre.

Ease of use and professional quality

EIZO ColorEdge monitors come in three standard ranges: The Professional CG range including 4K, high definition and HDR, an entry level CG range and the more affordable CS range for 99% Adobe RGB gamut*, Digital Uniformity

Equaliser, smooth colour gradation and 5 year on-site warranty. The CS range has the same tonal responses as the CG monitor range, but for a lower cost. The ergonomic design with useful handle means it’s perfect for on-site work. Monitors come with EIZO ColorEdge’s own ColorNavigator calibration software which is simple and easy to install. EIZO’s CG ranges come with an inbuilt sensor and monitor shading hood.

Eizo ColorEdge CS

*Not applicable on the CS230