A high-end heavyweight inkjet paper said to offer better blacks and shadow detail than traditional silver fibre-based papers has been launched by ChauDigital.

Available in a gloss finish Da Vinci Fibre Gloss has been developed to be used both with dye and pigment based inks and comes in cut sheet sizes from A4 to A2 as well as in 15m rolls from 17-44in.

?There isn?t another paper on the market that delivers the same sharpness, high quality and control of dark tones as this,? the paper?s developer Danny Chau claims. ?While most papers have two coatings Da Vinci has three layers to hold and protect the ink and to prevent diffusion within the paper base. This, combined with optical brighteners, gives our paper exceptional edge sharpness and super-dark-tone separation.?

Formed on an acid-free base Da Vinci has archival qualities that make it particularly suitable for using with pigment type inks to create long lasting images. ?Our paper performs well with all inkjet types, but the multiple black inks of Epson?s UltraChrome K3 system make full use of the paper?s properties to produce better blacks than can be achieved with traditional darkroom papers, and to hold fine colours in toned images,? says Chau.

Available now, prices for 280gsm Da Vinci Fibre Gloss start at £52.82 for 50 sheets of A4. For details call ChauDigital on 020 7833 3938 or visit www.chaudigital.com for on-line ordering.

Chaudigital was formerly known as Danny Chau Photolabs, a London-based b&w professional photographic laboratory formed in 1983, with clients including The National Gallery and renowned photographer Humphrey