We?re pleased to announce the winner of the Travel Photo competition is Stephen Wright with his image: Reflected Dreams.

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The winner was chosen by Amateur Photographer Editor, Damien Demolder, who said:

?At first you wonder what the girl is doing on the tube ? you need to do a double take! It?s a great visual joke. Both subjects have eye contact with the viewer ? very well done!?

Taking about the image, Stephen said, “I shot this on ?the fly?.  It was an instant decision to press the shutter ? I saw the reflection of the poster in the glass and fired away, a second later the shot was gone.  I took it with a Nikon D80, but I shoot with a Nikon D90 these days. 


“I have been a Street Photographer for almost 30 years ? starting with film and a Praktica MTL3, which I still have and shoot with.  I have always tried to seek out the unusual amongst the usual, and spend all my spare time walking the streets with my camera to try and get ?that shot? that?s going to stand out.  Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn?t.  I see Street Photography as a game; if I get the shot of the day I win, and if I don?t I?ll go out tomorrow and  play a new game.  It never ends…”

Stephen wins a Nikon P300 and his image will appear in a future issue of Amateur Photographer magazine.

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