UK supplies of Agfa Scala film processing chemicals could run out by the end of this year, warns Primary Colour, the only UK lab to process the unique b&w slide film.

Primary Colour, which is located in Hackney, east London, has urged photographers who have any rolls of Agfa Scala film to get them processed before the end of December.

The news comes just weeks after AgfaPhoto UK ? which supplies the lab with chemicals to process the film ? went into administration, with the future of the German-based parent company looking bleak.

Agfa Scala 200x Professional is used by photographers specialising in areas such as fashion, advertising, landscape photography and photojournalism.

Primary Colour spokesman Mark Parlett believes that the lab has enough supplies to last until December and ?possibly? January but the fate of supplies after that is not known.

Parlett confirmed that the lab has already run out of general stocks of Agfa Scala film which is now only available to ?account customers?.

Future supplies of AgfaPhoto products to the UK depend on the administrators for AgfaPhoto UK, Berg Kaprow Lewis, who have this week confirmed to AP that they are considering selling AgfaPhoto UK as a ?going concern?.

Primary Colour can be contacted on 020 7729 7140