CSC sales rose 14%, while bridge cameras were up 5% and superzoom compacts surged 20% on the previous year, according to data released by GfK Retail and Technology UK.

SLR cameras managed a 2% rise in sales revenue.

GfK largely blamed a ‘continued deterioration in basic point and shoot cameras’ for a 10 drop in the overall value of the UK imaging industry in 2012.

The rest of the consumer electronics market fell 18% in value.

GfK account director Richard Gregory said: ‘When looking at volume, the market is suffering. However, it is promising to see that some key segments are still performing well and bringing significant value to the overall market.

‘With the growth in changeable lens, and their added accessories, we are witnessing a boost in sales value with higher average prices and additional sales.

‘This, with innovation, will help support the market.’