Kutub Uddin, who is based in Bognor Regis, West Sussex, beat more than 250 images in a contest run by the Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers.

Kutub, who captured the image in his garden using a Sony Alpha 58, today told Amateur Photographer: ‘The two frogs are my pets. I was cleaning out their tank one evening and I watched as they climbed up a plant.

‘When it started to rain I looked to bring the frogs back in and I caught them in these very human poses, holding onto the leaf.

‘I just couldn’t resist getting my camera and taking a few quick snaps of them before I brought them inside.’

The photographer, who used a 100mm macro lens, added: ‘It was really funny to see them acting so human by holding onto the leaf – it looked as if the frogs were using the leaf as an umbrella.

‘I thought they liked water, so it was funny to see them acting in this way.’

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