The website of a photographer at the centre of a media frenzy – after a wedding couple sued him over the quality of their wedding photos – is not accessible today.

An internet search for Gareth Bowers’ Wakefield-based business, Fresh Images, today shows: ‘This account is currently inactive’.

Marc and Sylvia Day sued Bowers for breach of contract and were awarded £950 in compensation, according to yesterday’s media reports of the case at Pontefract County Court.

The Days had paid Bowers £1,450 for still images and a video of their wedding which took place on 24 August 2008.

Sylvia Day said that she ‘broke down in tears’ when shown the 404 photos, only 22 of which were deemed ‘reasonable’.

The couple complained that the pictures were ‘underexposed, over-exposed’, showed subjects’ heads chopped off and ‘things in people’s faces’.

Video footage was apparently ‘shaky and unedited’ and included the moment the photographer dropped the camera, and his resultant swearing.