Kodak has defended claims that its photo printers halve costs after the United States advertising watchdog referred the matter to the government’s consumer protection body following a complaint by rival printer manufacturer, HP.

The National Advertising Division (NAD) has passed Kodak’s advertising claims for inkjet printers and ink to the Federal Trade Commission for ‘further review’.

In a statement the NAD said it was ‘disappointed’ that Kodak had ‘declined to participate in the self-regulatory proceeding’.

The watchdog added: ‘NAD requested substantiation for claims that consumers will save on average $110 annually on ink by switching to Kodak ink and printers.’

However, Kodak is standing by its claims. A US spokesman said: ‘Kodak’s inkjet printer advertising claims are accurate and well substantiated. Our claims are backed by thorough data and testing by independent third parties, information that is widely available to the public online at www.PrintAndProsper.com.’

Kodak said that the watchdog has upheld its claims on a previous occasion.