Dennis beat almost 4,000 images from 870 photographers to claim the Open competition title with a panoramic image of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Florida.

Commenting on his winning shot, which triumphed in the Built Environment category, Dennis said: ‘It was a beautiful cloudless day with some patches of rolling fog over the bridge.

‘My friend and I decided to go fishing that mid-afternoon.

‘I found out that my reel wasn’t working so I grabbed my camera gear instead.

‘I took a lot of shots… including this long-exposure panoramic of the bridge.

‘It took me a lot of time waiting, and shooting in between the fog, to get a good exposure.

‘While waiting during long exposure times, I wished I’d had my fishing rod as well.’

The 2014 amateur winner was named as Ben Neale from Australia, who triumphed in the Nature section with his image of birds.

The contest’s organisers reported a surge in popularity of digital image stitching, adding that panoramic film photography ‘remains alive and well’.

The competition awarded $40,000 in cash and prizes that included Epson printers and a projector.

To view all the winning images, visit the Pano Awards website.


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