Bolt borrowed the camera from press photographer Jimmy Wixtröm shortly after winning the 200m Olympic final during the summer.


The resulting images of Bolt clutching the D4 – and the pictures he shot of fellow athletes – were splashed across TV, websites and newspapers worldwide.

‘After he was done taking the photos, Bolt carved his name on the camera with a screwdriver – and thus made it unique,’ reads a description of the item on eBay.

Wixtröm works for Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet which is selling the camera to raise money for cancer research.

Part of the funds raised will go to Bolt’s own foundation in Jamaica which encourages children to seek education.

The lot – said to show ‘cosmetic’ signs of wear – comes with a framed 50x70cm print.

At the time of writing, the highest bid stood at $9,200 with five days left before bidding was due to close.

A brand new Nikon D4 cost £5289.99 when it went on sale in the UK earlier this year.