A new US-based camera accessories brand – viiu – has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its Rota-Strap and Rota-Lock accessories that are claimed to be ‘a game-changing solution for travellers to carry their cameras easier, lighter and safer.’ 

Photographers can combine the Rota-Strap with Rota-Lock accessories to transform the strap into a hand strap, a wrist strap, or to attach it to a backpack.

A viiu spokesperson revealed, ‘To make a better camera strap for field work and travelling, we designed Rota-Strap and its Rota-Lock accessories. It’s an intuitive and secure way to carry your camera. The camera strap is primarily composed of Dyneema fibre, making it durable and cut-resistant without bulky or heavy materials. Dyneema is one of the strongest materials in the world and its tensile strength is 15 times greater than steel. It’s also UV protected and exceptionally lightweight.’

A close-up view of the proposed viiu Rotal-Lock and Rota-Strap

A close-up view of the proposed viiu Rotal-Lock and Rota-Strap

Rota-Lock accessories

The accompanying Rota-Lock accessories extend the function of Rota-Strap to help you to carry your camera more easily.

The rope connector is made of sturdy aluminium (7075 aluminum alloy) – the same material that’s used in aircraft construction.

With the Dyneema rope and the aircraft-grade aluminium connector, the strap system is said to offer, ‘a rugged and durable solution for carrying your camera in any number of conditions and environments. With the aircraft aluminium, and using a CNC machine for production, we can offer more strength and durability in a relatively smaller size.’

A viiu Rota-Strap and Rota-Lock connected to a backpack

A viiu Rota-Strap and Rota-Lock connected to a backpack

360-degree rotatable connector

To fasten a Rota-Strap to your camera you just string the ball link through the ring of your camera, put the ball link into the rope connector and then slide the connector cover closed.

The rope stays secure with the 360-degree rotatable aluminium connector, which also keeps the strap from flipping or buckling.

The connector is 7/8ths of an inch (2.2cm) in diameter and 1-and-5/8ths inches (4.1cm) long.

The Rota-Strap comes in various lengths and is readily pliant, allowing for easily folding and packing.

Rota-Strap and Rota-Lock – key features  

  • Made with Dyneema fibre – one of the world’s strongest materials
  • Cut-resistant and lightweight
  • Ball and socket connector allows the strap to flex and rotate 360-degrees
  • Connector prevents any flipping and twisting of strap
  • Compact-size connector made with aircraft aluminium
  • Sleek and sturdy design
  • Three different configurations for easy manipulation

You can watch a short video about the Rota-Strap and Rota-Lock below…

Proposed availability

A viiu spokesperson explained, ‘Once this [Kickstarter] campaign is finished, we will move to production. It normally takes three months to complete the pre-production module and another three months for mass production and packaging. Our plan is to complete the first batch of Rota-Straps before October 2022, and we will try our best to advance our deadlines as much as possible.’

Find out more…

The campaign for these new accessories is now live at Rota-Strap & Rota-Lock: Kickstarter!

You can also find out more on the viiu website.

• Disclaimer: Donations to any Kickstarter campaign are done so at your own risk and are subject to Kickstarter T&Cs. Those running any Kickstarter campaign should advise you of any project’s status and likely delivery dates.

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