Lomo has joined forces with Swedish vodka brand Absolut to launch a contest challenging Lomo photographers to document what they consider to be ?Absolut?.

?Choose any subject in the world that inspired you to shoot an incredible Absolut Lomo image,? say the organisers who point out that Swedish word ?absolut? means ?absolute? in English.

?Whether it?s your day trip to Paris? a Karaoke championship, the love of your life or your midnight rendezvous ? you pick the theme, define that Absolut moment and send us your finest images to match.?

There are four categories: Absolut Lomo Companion; Absolut Lomo Artwork; Absolut Lomo Freestyle; and Absolut Lomo Bottle Shape which asks entrants to ?capture and re-interpret the iconic silhouette?.

Entries ? which can be in the form of a series of images – will be displayed at www.AbsolutLomo.com where visitors can vote for their favourite shots and the winners announced every four weeks.

Lomo cameras will be awarded for the best pictures with the overall champion crowned at the Lomography World Congress, due to take place in London next year. There are also 100 runners-up prizes.

The best nine images will be given a free round-trip to the awards ceremony.

The closing date is 28 February 2007.

Full terms and conditions were not available at the time of going to press.

For details and to upload entries visit www.lomography.com/absolut/?go=competition