Photo Links of the Week March 21-27

Man soaks film in his own urine, other bodily fluids also involved
Yes, you read that correctly. Blood and saliva are the other fluids, if you’re curious. It is for reasons of art. [Lomography]

Famous historical photos recreated as miniature dioramas
Magazine and advertising photographers Jojakim Cortis and Adrian Sonderegger recreate iconic photographs in miniature, such seminal moments as the Hindenburg disaster and the tanks at Tiananmen Square. [Wired]

Beatles photographer’s Moroccan shots uncovered
If you know Peter Fordham from his work on John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ album you’ll enjoy this touching story of a box of his slides discovered at an antique market, Vivian Maier-style. [Zorkiphoto]

18 incredible places you won’t believe are actually in London


Image by Flickr user martin_vmorris

A nice list from Buzzfeed also doubles as a pretty good set of suggestions for new locations to shoot. [Buzzfeed]

Go inside East Germany’s Stasi archives
East Germany’s Ministry for State Security relentlessly photographed and documented attempts by the population to escape into the west, sometimes even coercing the escapees into forced reenactments. [TIME Lightbox]

Small, cute dogs sitting on things
One day we will stop using this roundup as an excuse to share pictures of dogs but this has not happened yet. [It’s Nice That]

2600 miles of selfies on the Pacific Crest Trail Hike
Meet the man who walked from Mexico to Canada and took a selfie every mile of the way

A demonstration of the zoom reach of the Nikon P900
Short and sweet, this video perfectly illustrates the incredible power of the 89x zoom on Nikon’s new compact

Chamelon tongue in super-slow motion
At 1500fps, to be specific.