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The photography world reacts to Adobe Lightroom 6/CC
So, you may have heard, Adobe dropped the latest version of Lightroom this week. No, really. The big news of course is that Lightroom is joining the Creative Cloud family. It’s gaining a fair few new features along with this too, including HDR merge and face recognition. A few reviews and reaction pieces have surfaced already:

U.S. Marshal snatches camera from woman in Los Angeles, smashes it to pavement, kicks it
Next time you get moved on by a shopping centre security guard, remember that it could be quite a lot worse. [Photography Is Not A Crime]

A collection of colour photos from 1913
This amazing collection of vintage colour photos will transport you back to the turn of the century. The colours are fantastic too – those reds! [Mashable]

Why a confrontation between photographers and locals turned ugly in Appalachia
Another frightening story from the other side of the Atlantic, as a couple fo photographers find themselves accused of  photographing children without permission and the situation spirals out of control. [Photo District News]

See the first known photograph ever taken
A compelling history of Joseph Nicéphore Niépce and his experiments with light-sensitive chemicals back in 1826. [Open Culture]

Extreme 343x super zoom from 4.5km
Some kind soul on YouTube uses a series of images to simulate a camera zooming from 11mm to 3,780mm.