London 2012 stadiumLondon 2012 bosses are set to ban cameras at certain sporting events and may limit the size of lenses spectators can bring into the Olympic stadium.


Olympics bosses issue policy statement

The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) will set out its rules in photography guidelines due to be released later this year.

A LOCOG spokeswoman told Amateur Photographer: ?There will be some events where you will not be able to take your camera in.?

Shooting will be one of them, she explained.

Meanwhile, section 19.2.3 of the terms and conditions for London 2012 tickets bans the purchaser from taking into the venue ‘large photographic equipment (including tripods)’.

At the time of writing, LOCOG had yet to define what types of camera would be treated as ‘large photographic equipment’.

Photography enthusiast Alan Peers wrote to LOCOG asking whether he would be allowed take a DSLR into the East London venue but did not get a direct answer to his enquiry.

In an emailed reply he was told: ?LOCOG has yet to finalise the spectator filming and photography guidelines.

?As with other large sporting events there may be restrictions for spectators on the size of lenses permitted into venues.?

Peers was told that spectators will be free to take photos inside London 2012 venues, though flash photography may be ?restricted? at some events.

?We will be doing everything possible to allow the crowd to really enjoy themselves,? the spokeswoman added.

LOCOG is due to discuss its upcoming photography guidelines at talks to be held this summer, and at a follow-up meeting in September.

Once finalised the rules will be published on the London 2012 website.