Tuesday August 19th was World Photography Day, and we celebrated with a competition!

We kept it simple with only one question: “What’s the best image you’ve ever taken?”

Over Facebook, Twitter, our forum, our gallery and our Flickr group we asked you to send us your favourite of your own images, and you responded in your hundreds.

It took us a while to sort through the submissions, but we made it and managed to pull together a selection of our personal favourites.

So here, in reverse order (roughly – we find it hard to commit), are our twenty-five favourite images we received for World Photo Day. Scroll down to see the outstanding top three, each of whom will be winning a canvas print of their image from Hello Canvas!

25. Paul Mansfield (Flickr)

24. Rathin Dey (Facebook)

23. @clairemaw70 (Twitter)

22. Simon Doughty (Facebook)

21. David Queenan (Facebook)

20. Clement Allen (Facebook)

19. John Norton (Facebook)

18. Bob Riach (Facebook)

17. John Lines (Facebook)

16. @photosbylewis (Twitter)

15. Jennifer Moyes (Facebook)

14. @mina_abuelhawa (Twitter)

13. Ian Mountford (Flickr)

12. @justin_minns (Twitter)

11. @chirpygurl1 (Twitter)

10. Big Ted (Reader Gallery)

9. @Trish_Auciello (Twitter)

8. Harry Sherwood (Facebook)

7. Adrian Bennett (Facebook)

6. John Whitting (Reader Gallery)

5. Alan Reeve (Facebook)

4. Victor Kok (Facebook)

And our three winners…

3. DaveBoys (Reader Gallery)

In third place comes this playful shot from our Gallery. The whole team loved this moment between two dogs, the action skilfully frozen by DaveBoys.

2. Mmartin3 (AP Forum)

In second place comes the only shot in the top 25 from our forum. The use of light and shadow is key here, adding to the strong colours and near-abstract feel of Mmartin3’s expert composition. Mmartin3 captioned the image, simply and somewhat unnecessarily, ‘Umbrellas’.

1. timmb15 (Flickr)

Ultimately though, there can only be one victor, and the spoils go to Tim Burgess, who submitted this image into our Flickr pool. The judges were won over by this simple but beautifully effective image, enhanced with a tilt-shift style bokeh. Titled ‘Winding Road’, the shot was captured on Mam Tor in the Peak District, and will no doubt look fantastic as a canvas print.

Congratulations to our winners, our nominated images and everyone who took part. timmb15 wins a 60x80cm canvas print of his image, while Mmartin3 and DaveBoys win 40×60 canvas prints of theirs, all from the good people at Hello Canvas. Winners – we’ll be in touch very shortly to arrange your prizes.

Feel free to get in touch on Twitter to argue with our choices – @AP_Magazine.

Judging panel:

Richard Sibley – Deputy Editor
Andy Westlake – Technical Editor
Mark Jacobs – Group Art Editor
Phil Hall – Technique and Features Editor
Chris Cheesman – News Editor
Jon Devo – Technical Writer
Jon Stapley – Staff Writer