Laowa (from Venus Optics) has announced the Laowa Argus 35mm F0.95 FF lens, the world’s first full-frame 35mm lens with f/0.95 aperture.

Laowa are known for making unique lenses, such as the Laowa 15mm f4.5 Zero-D Shift lens, and the close-up 65mm F2.8 2x ultra macro lens, to name a few.

The new 35mm F0.95 lens features internal (manual) focus, and the option to use the aperture ring with clicks or de-clicked, with the aperture stopping down to f/16.

Laowa 35mm f0.95 FF Lens

The lens is made up of 14 elements in 9 groups, with 1 aspherical lens, 1 ED glass, and 4 UHR elements. Wth 15 aperture blades, the lens is designed to produce round and smooth bokeh, that is said to be “dreamy”.

There is a minimum shooting distance of 50cm, and the maximum magnification is 0.1x. The front of the lens has a 72mm filter thread, the lens measures 103mm x 76.8mm (diameter), and weighs 755g without hood or caps.

Laowa 35mm f0.95 FF Lens Rear

Designed specifically for full-frame mirrorless cameras, the lens is available to order in E-Mount, Z-Mount, and RF-Mount, with a price of £899.00.

Laowa’s most recent lens before the 35mm F0.95 is the Laowa Argus 33mm F0.95 CF APO lens for APS-C mirrorless cameras.

From LAOWA: Laowa Argus 35mm f/0.95 FF is the fastest 35mm and widest f/0.95 lens in the market. The optical performance is maximized by incorporating 1 ED glass element, 1 aspherical lens element and 4 high-refractive-index glass materials.

Laowa 35mm F0.95 on Nikon

The extraordinary shallow depth of field and dreamy bokeh created by f/0.95 is perfect for portraits. In the meanwhile, its unbeatable performance in low light conditions for obtaining sharp and outstanding images makes it a must-have tool for every photographer and videographer.

The wide FoV allows more backgrounds to be recorded into the image and thanks to the f/0.95 aperture, a shallow depth of field can still be achieved.