Panasonic has kitted out all X Factor contestants with its DMC-ZX1 digital camera to enable them to capture behind-the-scenes stills and movie footage.

In a statement Panasonic UK said: ‘The 8x optical zoom makes this camera perfect for capturing those close-up moments and its 25mm wideangle lens means that none of the X Factor action will be missed.’

The firm added: ‘HD movie mode also means that behind-the-scenes action can be captured on video.

‘Flicking between photo and movie mode ensures that the camera can be used to capture both still and moving images – perfect for Danyl, Olly, Lloyd, Stacey, Joe and the topical twins John and Edward [dubbed ‘Jedward’].’

This is not the first time the ZX1 has courted publicity. Last week the camera was the focus of a Giant pigeon lands in London stunt.

Panasonic DMC-ZX1 image