You’ve been sharing your favourite photographs with us online for World Photography Day, we’ve selected 15 to share

World Photography Day celebrates the power of  bringing people together through photography. On social media we asked you to share your favourite images that you have taken this year and why, here’s a selection from across platforms…

Jeff Rowles

“I love taking macro images and often take a stroll at my local lakes to keep active as I suffer with a heart condition. It’s a good opportunity of getting images of Damselflies but I wanted to get something a little bit different. Got a little bit excited when this appeared just to the side of the sun. Panicked a little bit but managed to get one or two images before it flew off. Makes the early alarm call worth while.”

Twitter: @jeffrowles1

Instagram: @jeff_rowles_photo_therapy

Ben Robson

“I know everyone is in the same boat. But this year I had so many plans for my photography and high hopes for my development (excuse the pun). I love portraiture, and think that the medium of film is ideally suited to reflecting the essence and the soul of a person.

One thing I have long meant to do is push myself to photograph people I don’t know, and this was a chance meeting on the way to the pub (aren’t they the best?!). This is completely unposed. I followed the sound of flute playing, found the most beautiful lighting and structural patters, and made the international signal for ‘may I…’ by raising my camera, and took a handful of shots.

I think you always feel an affinity with your film shots. There’s the anticipation, the trepidation, the hope, the, oh Lord please let my chemicals be OK… Anyway. I’m pleased I met this bearded flute guy. I’m pleased I forced myself out of my comfort zone. I’m pleased my chemicals helps up. But, more than anything, I’m pleased I took my camera on my walk to the pub.”


Instagram: @thetwelfthframe



Stuart Gillespie

“A beautiful male kingfisher in warm March afternoon light. By far my closest and most rewarding encounter with one of these fantastic birds – in this case on my local stretch of the river Thames in Oxfordshire.”

Twitter: @StuartGPhotos

Instagram: @oxfotography

Deborah McPhail

“Recent trip to Lindisfarne for golden hour, I just love the warm tones.”

Instagram: @throughdebslens


Jonathan McBride

“I have been trying to get a different angle within my local town and as we all know everything has to come together to get that shot. On this one the sun just dropped and lit the sky perfectly for me. I had a 10 minute window to grab this shot.”

Facebook and Instagram: @jbphotographyonline


Diana Neves

“This photograph reminds me of why I do photography, to keep my mental health on a positive note. Keep trying until you can focus on what you want. I believe this photograph shows that very well.”

Twitter: @DnPhotographys

Instagram: @dndesignsandphotography

Gillian Lyon

“Sparrowhawk in the back garden, it seemed happy to pose for me!”

Instagram: @gillylyon

Emilio Daniel

“Surprisingly this photo in which I worked with the least amount of equipment is my favourite so far, the focus was more on trying to tell a bit of a story. Guess that’s a lesson going forward.”

Instagram: @emillio.daniel


Luke Singleton

“I’m 13 years old, I started taking photos with my mums camera in the first lock down. I enjoyed it so much that I take the camera with me everywhere.

For a long time I have wanted to get a moon picture but my first attempts weren’t turning out that great but I got there in the end. I was visiting my grandparents in Nottingham at the time.”

Adam Nichol

“I took this photo of my dive buddy whilst spearfishing at Seacliff, North Berwick. I love the unique perspective you can get from underwater photography.”

Instagram: @adamrnichol

Heather Wilde

“My favourite taken this year over the garden fence was a cyclist through the sunset. It turned out to be my youngest on his way home. I had no idea it was him until I was reviewing the pictures, which makes them all the more special to me.”

Twitter & Instagram: @PictureMeWilde

Adam Chadwick

“I grabbed this at the tail end of last week on the Fylde coast, Lancashire. It’s my favourite to date, I’m not sure it’s anyone else’s favourite but it’s certainly mine! Rather proud of it.”

Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L, Nisi Ti Enhance Circular Polariser


Nina Sherman

“I saw this gentlemen giving his dog a drink at a demonstration in London this summer and quickly ran over to them to take the shot before the scene changed.  To me it tells a story, there’s a lot going on in the picture. You can almost imagine the scene in motion. It’s emotional to see this exhausted dog yet you get a warm feeling too seeing the man care for him/her.  I like the connection between them. Then there is the megaphone resting on his leg which makes you question what he’s been doing. I love the splashes of blue that brings the picture together also.”

Instagram: @ninasherman1

Subhasish Dutta

“I hiked up to the Gringlay View Point overlooking the Saure river in Luxembourg and the Chateau de Bourscheid the previous day to be able to capture the sunrise the next day. Being quite an impromptu plan, I did not take into the minor details like sudden changes in weather conditions and I had to face the consequences of this.

After a brisk snow shower in the middle of April, the skies cleared up for a cold and windy night on top of the hill. Due to the cold and the billowing wind, I only managed to get about two hours of sleep and as a result I was feeling very cold, tired and also disappointed at having captured nothing worthwhile as of yet. As dawn came, I noticed that the valley was covered in the early morning mist and there was no sign of the sun.

My underslept brain was disheartened and was almost going to pack up but I decided to spend some more time at the location. Probably the best decision I had taken in a long time, as the sun came out after about 10 minutes piercing the mist and bathed the landscape in a bright orange hue creating a mystical scene. After taking some initial shots of the fence and the hiking trail, I realised that a person walking on the trail will strengthen the composition. So I set up the timer and started walking away from the camera, and voila, there I had my favourite shot of the year 2021 – “Chasing Sunrise”.

This one photo has taught me has taught me the lesson perseverance and to keep going out early in the morning because it is all worth it.”

Instagram: @rohanification

Rosie Keys

“The first day I went out with my new macro lens back in the spring. This outing got me out of a rut I experienced throughout lockdown and helped feel more passionate about photography again.”

Instagram: @rosiejk_photography

Thank you to everyone who participated in our call out. We love seeing your photographs, so keep sharing them!

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