We don’t review consumer-level compact cameras very often, but the 16.15-million-pixel Samsung MV800 has a number of intriguing features, including a 180° flip-out touchscreen display.


Although the MV800 is aimed at consumers, when shooting in program mode there is control over ISO sensitivity, EV compensation, metering, white balance, focus and flash.

The MV800 uses a 4.7-23.5mm f/3.3-5.9 Schneider 5x zoom. This is the equivalent of a 26-130mm lens on a 35mm camera, and is an ideal range for most point-and-shoot photographers.

Apart from program mode there are numerous other shooting modes, the most interesting of which are live panorama and 3D photo. There is also the funny face mode, which stretches the facial features of portraits to comical effect, or the pose guide, which overlays the outline of a figure onto your image to help when composing portraits. Both of these features can also be found in camera phones, which gives us a clue as to the intended market audience of the MV800.

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