Samsung NX100 at a glance:

  • 14.6 million effective pixels
  • APS-C CMOS sensor
  • i-Function lens
  • 3in AMOLED screen
  • Compact, 34.5mm deep body
  • Street price around £400 with 20-50mm kit lens

Samsung NX100 review – Introduction

At the beginning of this year, Samsung announced the launch of its first interchangeable-lens compact-system camera (CSC) in the form of the NX10. Its APS-C-size sensor could be squeezed into a camera body that is smaller than a typical DSLR because it lacks a moving mirror system and optical viewfinder.

Nine months later and the NX100, Samsung’s second CSC, is smaller still. Although the two cameras share many of the same features inside, such as a 14.6-million-effective-pixel sensor, on the outside they are quite different, as the Samsung NX100 has the style and size of a compact camera.

While the NX100’s specification suggests that image quality should be just as impressive as that of the NX10, the smaller size of the NX100’s body is achieved by removing a couple of key features. There is no viewfinder or built-in flash as standard, although both are available as optional extras.

The decision to remove what some may consider to be key elements suggests that Samsung believes size to be of greater importance in this instance, and wants to build on the NX range rather than replace the NX10. It is an obvious step towards aiming the NX series at the mass market, especially considering that the Samsung NX100 is one of the most inexpensive compact-system cameras around.

To coincide with the release of the Samsung NX100, Samsung has launched i-Function lenses. Two models are available at present, with more to follow.

Once pressed, the i-Function button allows users to scroll through key exposure settings quickly and control them via the focus ring. The aim is to make the most common camera settings easier to access, which should encourage new photographers to use these controls.

With Samsung attempting to please the mass market, while maintaining a DSLR-sized sensor, it will be interesting to see how a balance is struck.

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