AP online follower Kerry Adams shares her photography and mental health story for World Mental Health Day

Ahead of World Mental Health Day, 10th October, we asked some of our online followers to share their story of how photography has helped them. Below, Kerry Adams shares her story and some of her photographs.

Kerry Adams

“I’m a keen amateur photographer who over the past 2 years have really started to enjoy photography more and more. I started off knowing nothing and now I love to see what catches my eye around the next corner. Always chasing the next photography high and seeing what our beautiful world has to put on show for us.

Back in 2016 I got a cancer diagnosis. I wasn’t into photography properly at that stage. I’d always enjoyed looking at photography exhibitions and taking snaps on my phone. During and after my cancer treatment had finished my head was all over the place and I’d suffered a lot of anxiety and my mind would go into overdrive a lot.

My boyfriend bought me a second hand camera back in 2018 and then I joined a local camera group to help me to understand how to use it. Since then I’ve learnt that photography isn’t just about taking photos, it’s about being really mindful. I love to watch how the light makes things change and how the colours change.

Watching cloud formations. How the land changes throughout the seasons. The wanders of nature. It really helps my busy mind to be silent and I’ve never noticed so much before. Photography teaches you how to not only look but also to see and feel before you press the shutter.”

Kerry is on Instagram @kezadamsz

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