Follow our zoo photography top tips to achieve great zoo pictures…

1. Telephoto lenses

You’ll need a lens of a least 200mm for zoo photography to be able to fill the frame with your subject and exclude distracting background details. Take a monopod for support.

2. Choose your viewpoint

Look for a viewpoint that will provide the most natural setting. In particular, avoid getting walls and man-made landscaping features in shot.

3. Be patient

If, having chosen a good viewpoint your subject is facing the wrong direction, be patient. Either wait for it to move or continue on to another part of the zoo and return later.

4. Lose the background

Use a wide aperture to throw everything behind your subject out of focus. On the computer, darken down any remaining background detail using the burn tool.

5. Or alternatively…

Instead of trying to hide the fact your subject is in a zoo, try including the environment in the shots and going for a documentary approach to your zoo photography.