Forum competition results for May 2013 round – Looking Down

One of the magical things about photography is that even the subtlest shifts can drastically alter the nature of your images. These changes may be a matter of timing – a few more seconds and the light will be just right. Or it could be a matter moving to the left or right, a movement that brings the elements into a perfect compositional alignment. But for this round I wanted you to alter your perspective entirely – I wanted you to look down. The space above and below our line of sight is an easy thing to neglect and I’m pleased to see that many of you really took to this round.

Stand out images include Hazem’s image ‘Looking Down on Life’. It’s a nicely framed image and one that relies on the subject looking down as opposed to the camera itself. I was also particularly fond of Lenz’s image ‘Looking Down from Above – Looking Up from Below’. The split-level image is a great interpretation of the brief and very nearly ended up in my top three. Once again, Chris Cool delivers a witty image with his shot of a Scrabble board that appears to be attempting to communicate something…

The winner of the Forum monthly photo competition will receive a National Geographic Earth Explorer NG2346 Midi Messenger Bag. It’s an everyday, functional shoulder bag that holds all your personal gear along with a tablet, camera or camcorder and associated accessories worth £79.95 provided by Manfrotto. Runners-up will each receive an ‘Amateur Photographer Loves My Pictures’ mug.

3rd Place
lfc1892 – Checkers

This shot from lfc1892 (let’s just call him L for now) has revealed perhaps another magical aspect of photography – chance encounters. L has appeared at just the right time to witness this small boy placed within the maze of grids at this unknown location. This is an image that is concerned with line and shape – the grids on the carpet and the lines of the boy’s top. I’m also pleased to see that L has chosen not to place his subject in the middle of the frame. It could be that angling his camera in any other way would have altered the perspective too much. However, placing him just to the right gives the subject space to move into. It creates a narrative. It hints at a direction and plays nicely into the image title – ‘Checkers’.

2nd Place
Miked – Watch Your Step!

I don’t think I need to say too much about this entry as it’s an image that speaks largely for itself. I will say a couple of things, however. It was the first shot that really jumped out at me due to its beautifully graphic nature. I must say it is also perfectly exposed – Miked has found just the right balance in the tonal range to retain just the right level of detail on all sides of the spectrum. This image just goes to show how light and architecture can work together to create beautifully arranged images. Even the texture of the steps is a noteworthy element. I’m a big fan of this image.

1st Place
Johndow – Looking Down/Back from the Ferris wheel

As much as I liked our previous two entries I really fell in love with Johndow’s shot. There’s just something so full of life about it. You’re right there in the Ferris wheel as it slowly rises towards the sky. Seeing the world from such a radically altered perspective for the first time in your life is a stand-out memory for many of us. The careful framing of the shot is something I really appreciate. It’s a method that, once again, puts us right there with the child. We follow their gaze and see exactly what they see. The colours too are noteworthy. They’re vivid and summery and add another level to the joy of the image. Johndow has produced a really lovely shot and I’m more than happy to put it in first place.

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